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The Diodes:
The Dishes, the Diodes and the Doncasters (with the soon-to-be Muffins' Martha Johnson on organ) played the historic 3D show at the Ontario College of Art's auditorium on February 18, 1977.
The Cads:
The Cads first opened for the Dishes at the Beverley Tavern on January 26. 1978. They later released the 45 "Do the Crabwalk" on Bi-R Records.
Martha and the Muffins:
Perhaps the most successful band to emerge from the Queen West scene, the Muffins first opened for the Dishes at the Shock Theatre on December 9, 1977. They later opened for the boys at the Beverley Tavern on February 2, 1978. Shortly after, their Echo Beach was topping the charts!
The Biffs:
Those zany teenage sensations (at least in their own minds) from Scarborough, that brought teen angst and Fluffernutter to the Beverley Tavern and asked the musical question "Is It All Art?"!/pages/The-Biffs-Toronto/178347302185791
land of giants:
"Three talls and a girl"... and what a girl, the former Miss General Idea herself (and president of The Dishes Fan Club) Anya Varda. This quartet managed to make it into Pitchfork 28 years after their original single was released.
Carole Pope:
The Dishes were Carole Pope and Rough Trade's regular opening act during their residency at the Chimney (upstairs from the Gasworks) in the summer of 1977.
Keith Whittaker:
The Demics' Keith Whittaker of New York City infamy and the Dishes' Steven Davey collaborated on a number of songs in the early 90's. They were released on CD in 2007 11 years after Whittaker's tragic death.